• 650-1

    The major areas of application include, for example, sterile processes for the pharmaceutical industry, foodstuffs and biotechnology, high purity media in the semiconductor industry and microelectronics and, for instance, precision chemistry. Dependent on the design, suitable for high purity water (WFI), high purity chemicals, intermediate and end products in the areas of pharmacology, biotechnology, foodstuffs processing and chemicals. The devices can be sterilised and autoclaved within the bounds of the technical data. Aseptic diaphragm valves are also used successfully as control valves in the sterile areas.

  • 620

    Dependent on the design, especially suitable for highly-pure to heavily contaminated liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive media. Just as classical control valves, diaphragm valves also have good control properties, especially for media which are contaminated or contain particles. The major areas of use are processes in a very wide range of different industrial applications.

  • GEMU 512 Globe Valve, Metal

    Dependent on the design, especially suitable for clean liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive media. Globe valves are highly suitable for control applications and can be combined with control cones and control devices for this purpose. They are highly suitable for steam control. The major areas of application are a wide range of industrial applications and sub-areas in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and biotechnology industries.

  • GEMU 600 HP High Purity Diaphragm Valve, Plastic

    Since 1988, GEMÜ has been an industry leader in the production of High Purity valves, measurement and control systems. Our dedication to quality has earned us many loyal customers in the semiconductor industry. Our High Purity products are developed and produced specifically for use in process equipment, ultra pure water and chemical manufacturing and distribution systems – as well as for microchip production. They are produced today under the strictest cleanroom conditions at our manufacturing site in Switzerland.

  • GEMU C60/C67 HPW CleanStar® 3/5 Way PFA Diaphragm Valves

    The CleanStar C60 HPW pneumatically operated ultra pure 2/2 way diaphragm valve has a complete PFA-HP body. All medium wetted parts are made of PFA-HP or PTFE (diaphragm).  The exterior actuator parts of the piston actuator are made of PVDF. Standard Features are (1) A stroke limiter and optical indicator. (2) Integral solid mounting lugs. (3) Leakage sensor connection. (4) Union nuts in PVDF or PFA-HP.

  • GEMU 410 Butterfly Valve, Plastic

    Dependent on the design, especially suitable for pure to slightly contaminated liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive media. The major areas of use are industrial applications, above all for water procurement and water treatment. Moreover, butterfly valves are good for applications in the chemical industry.

  • GEMU 205 Solenoid Valve, Plastic

    Dependent on the design, especially suitable for clean liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive media. Solenoid valves are designed for quick cycle duties and are especially suitable for dosage tasks. The major area of use is the widest range of industrial applications.

  • GEMU 1201 Electrical Position Indicator

    GEMÜ provides a wide and well-balanced range of electrical position indicators to monitor linear and quarter turn valves. Dependent on the device type, either micro switches or proximity switches are used. They enable reliable end position feedback and can be equipped with a field bus connection upon request (e.g. AS-Interface, DeviceNet etc.). The new generation is self-learning. The devices recognize the valve end positions from the manual or automatic end position programming during initialization. No more work-intensive manual setting of micro switches or proximity switches is necessary, the breaking in of installations or recalibration after servicing work becomes considerably easier.

  • GEMU 1435 ePos Intelligent Positioner

    GEMÜ supplies position and process controllers for process automation. The product range includes three-point controllers to control the position of motorized valves, electro-pneumatic positioners for pneumatic valves with quarter turn and linear actuators and industrial controllers for the precise regulation of temperature, pressure, flow and levels.

  • GEMU C30

    The GEMU C30 Hydra-Gauge is equipped with a PFA transmitter and a pressure gauge. The body is made from PFA and can be directly integrated into the pipe system by common flare unions. A PFA double diaphragm prevents contamination of the working medium. Only the PFA body and the PFA diaphragm are wetted.

  • GEMU 1250-1257 Limit Switches Instrument Sensors

    Gemu offers a line of bistable reed switches for our variable area flowmeters.  The Gemu types 1251-1252 and 1256-1257 limit switches attach to the dovetail on the side of the flowmeters.  These can be positioned anywhere along the scale to provide reliable minimum and maximum alarm feed back.  The Gemu types 1270-1271 and 1272-1273 instrument sensors provide continuous feed back of the entire scale via reed contacts and 2-wire measuring transducers.

  • GEMU 800 Flowmeter, Plastic

    Variable Area (VA) meters are a cost-effective solution used for flow indication of liquids and gases.  The Gemu’s line of thermoplastic Variable area flow meters ensures measurement repeatability with plus or minus 1% of end value and plus or minus 3% measured value.  Gemu has over 500 standard scales and 13000 special to match your process requirements.

  • GEMU 3020 Flow Transmitter

    Gemu offers several different flow transmitting technologies.  The types 3020 and 3021 turbine flowmeters offer a high degree of accuracy for both inert and corrosive liquid media.  These turbine meters can be configured to offer either pulse or analog feed back, high and low alarms, totalizing and batch function.  The Gemu 3030 is an insertion magnetic flow meter with many programmable features and is a highly accurate measurement technology.