• GEMU 9468 Motorized Quarter-Turn Actuator

    GEMU 9468 is a motorized Quarter-Turn actuator. The motor is designed for DC and AC operating voltages. A manual override and an optical position indicator are integrated as standard. The torque in the end positions is increased. This enables a closing curve matched to the valves.

    • Increased torque in the end positions with consistent motor load/rotational speed through threaded spindle kinematics (closing curve matched to valves)
    • Low weight
    • Robust and Low-wear because of the mechanically stable design

  • GEMU ADA Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuator

    GEMU ADA is a pneumatic double acting Quarter-Turn actuator. It works according to the double piston rack and pinion principle and is suitable for mounting to butterfly valves or ball valves.

    • ATEX version available as an option
    • Tried and tested actuator design
    • Easy setting of switch points
    • Simple Installation
    • Flexible and versatile
    • Stroke limiter available (Optional)
    • Robust design
    • Diverse accessories