The single-use diaphragm valve body of the GEMU Sumondo single-use diaphragm valve has a hermetic sealing through an internally welded diaphragm. The single-use diaphragm valve body is fastened to the manual operator using a clamp. The valve body and the manual operator are locked using a defined closing and opening procedure. After use, the single-use diaphragm valve body can be removed from the manual operator along with the diaphragm and disposed of. The manual operator can be used multiple times and remains in the plant.
  • Tried and tested actuator design
  • Impact resistant, corrosion resistant
  • Gamma-sterilizable valve body
  • Integral optical position indicator
  • Autoclave capability
  • The diaphragm valve body meets the purity requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (USP 85, 788, 790)
  • Validation Guide on request
Unit of Measure




Body Material

N/A PP-R Natural

Body Configuration

N/A 2/2-Way

Actuator Type

N/A Manual

Operating Pressure

N/A 0 to 9 bar

DN Size

N/A 8 to 25

Media Temperature

N/A 5 to 40 ºC

Operating Environment

N/A Corrosion Resistant Impact Resistant


N/A Single-Use