The GEMU 4242 combi switchbox is suitable for mounting to pneumatically operated linear actuators. It utilizes a microprocessor controlled, intelligent position sensor and an analogue travel sensor system. The combi switchbox was specially designed for small to medium nominal sizes and strokes ranging from 2 to 30 mm. The combi switchbox has an integrated 3/2-way pilot valve.
  • Standard OPEN and CLOSED feedback
  • Speed-AP function for fast mounting and initialization
  • High visibility position indicator
  • Adjustable switch point tolerances
  • Extensive diagnostic facilities
  • Local or remote programming via programming input
  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Can be retrofitted to GEMU valves or third-party actuators
Unit of Measure




Body Material

N/A Aluminum PP

Actuator Movement

N/A Linear

Ambient Temperature

N/A 0 to 60 ºC

Operating Pressure

N/A 0 to 10 bar


N/A Fieldbus Pilot Valve

Body Configuration

N/A 3/2-Way

Stroke Size Range

N/A 2 to 30 mm