The GEMU 1215 electrical position indicator indicates one position of the valve.

The GEMU 1215 electrical position indicator is designed so that it can be mounted to GEMU valves via a female thread in the actuator housing.

GEMU 1215 contains a micro switch with snap action contact mechanisms designed for up to 106 switching operations. The silver contacts are gold plated.

When used with GEMU valves the micro switch is activated when the valve is in the "Open" position (100%); with GEMU type 667 the "Closed" valve position is indicated.

The housing can be rotated through 360°.

In addition to the electrical position signal there is also visual indication from a red cam via the transparent section.

When ordering please indicate the complete valve type key.
e.g. GEMU 1215 for mounting to GEMU valve 690/20 D 0114-1
Unit of Measure



N/A 1215

Electrical Connection

N/A Electrical connection via screw terminals and PG 11 cable gland

Ambient Temperature

N/A -15 to +60 ºC

Protection Class to EN 60529

N/A IP 65

Application Category

N/A AC - 15

Electrical Data

Switch Rating (AC)

N/A 250 V AC/4 A

Switch Rating (DC)

N/A 24 V DC/4 A

Inductive Load

N/A 0.6 A

Ex Protection Class


Operating Conditions

Operating Conditions

N/A Intended for use with process valves whose opening/ closing speed does not exceed 1 meter per second. Metallically isolated components have to be correctly connected to the potential earth by the user via charge eliminators (see directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137) and national provisions).

Note on Index X

N/A Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres only in conjunction with an ATEX complying isolator amplifier that is designed for the operation of electromechanical switch contacts and for which separate instructions apply.