• Precise volume flow measurement
  • Separation of media between the measurement point and the transducer
  • Short inlet and outlet connections
  • Standard industrial measurement signals (works calibrated)
  • High-resolution turbine measuring principle
  • All wetted parts in plastics and ceramics
  • Integrated flow rectifier
  • Linear output characteristic
  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Optional mounting position and quick mounting by means of unions
  • Direct display optionally available in l/min, m³/h, gal/min


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Type 3020
Nominal Size DN 25 DN 50
Body Configuration Straight through
Connection Unions (imperial) Unions (metric)
Body Material PVC-U PVDF
Seal Material FPM (Vinton)
Display Position
Display parallel (0°) to flow direction Display vertical (90°) to flow direction Turned 180°
Type of Flow Transducer Display gal/min, frequency/pulse output + analogue signal Display l/min, frequency/pulse output + analogue signal Display m3h, frequency/pulse output + analogue signal Frequency/pulse output Frequency/pulse output + analogue signal
Type of Analogue Signals Current output 0-20 mA Current output 4-20 mA Voltage output 0 -10 V Without analogue signal
Type of Frequency/Pulse Output 24 V PNP (recommended for SPS instrumentation) 6 V PNP (recommended with GEM0 type 3000) Open collector
Max. Flow Rate 25000 L/h3600 L/h
Protection Class to EN 60529 IP 65
Operating Position Optional
Inlet/Outlet Distances 5 x DN
Mass DN 25 = 600 g / DN 50 = 1500 g


Medium Wetted Parts Material Bearing, shaft: Ceramics (A1203) Housing: PVC-U/PVDF Inner turbine components: PVDF Seals: FPM
Flow Transducer Material Housing bolt: 1.4303 Housing cover of measuring instrument B: PMMA Housing seal: NBR Housing: ABS
Plug Material Plug bolt: VQSt 36-2-4,8 Plug housing: PA 6 Profile packing: Nitrile rubber