The GEMU 520 pneumatically operated 2/2-way globe valve has a low maintenance membrane actuator which can be controlled by inert gas. The valve plug is fixed to the spindle in such a way as to allow flexing during closure in order to ensure tight shut off. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing providing low maintenance and reliable valve spindle sealing even after a long service life. The wiper ring fitted in front of the gland packing protects the seal against contamination and damage.

  • Good flow capability
  • Broad range of operating temperatures and pressures
  • Extensive range of accessories:
    Stroke limiter / optical position indicator / manual override / pilot valve with manual operation / electrical position indicators / electro-pneumatic positioner


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Type 520
Nominal Size 100 mm125 mm150 mm65 mm80 mm
Body Configuration 2/2-way
Connection Flanges ANSI B 16.5 - class150 - face-to-face EN 558-1 series 1 Flanges PN 16 face-to-face EN 558-1 series 1 Flanges PN 40 face-to-face EN 558-1 series 1
Valve Body Material 1.4408 Cast stainless steel EN-GJL-250, GG 25 (Cast iron) GP 240 H GS-C 25 (Cast steel)
Seat Seal PTFE Steel (Seat ring / plug)
Control Function Double acting (DA) Normally closed (NC) Normally open (NO)
Actuator Size
Actuator Size 3/1 Actuator Size 3/2 Actuator Size 3/3 Actuator Size 4/3 Actuator Size 5 Actuator Size 6 Actuator Size 7 Actuator Size 8

Working Medium

Working Medium Corrosive, inert, gaseous and liquid media which have no negative impact on the physical and chemical properties of the body and seal material.
Max. Perm. Temperature of Working Medium 180 ºC
Max. Permissible Viscosity 600 mm²/s

Control Medium

Control Medium Inert Gases
Max. Control Pressure 7 bar
Max. Perm. Temperature of Control Medium 80 ºC
Filling Volume Actuator sizes 3, 5, 7: 2.5 NI Actuator sizes 4, 6, 8: 6.8 NI