The GEMU 1434 µPos is a digital electro-pneumatic positioner for process valve control.
Designed for simple, safe and quick use with valves with strokes < 25mm.
The positioner, travel sensor, switching valves and status LEDs are integrated in a solid compact housing with transparent cover. Pneumatic and electrical connections are in one mounting direction to save space and enable easy access.

  • Simple use and operation
  • Direct or separate positioner mounting to the process valve
  • For single acting normally open or normally closed linear actuators
  • Multi-point calibration for optimum valve adaption
  • Optimized initialization and valve control
  • Fail safe design with "air exhaust" or "stayput" versions
  • No air consumption when idle
  • Simple mounting to various valve actuators
  • Simple commissioning due to automatic initialization
  • speed-AP function, for quick mounting and initialization
  • Simple operation, no settings necessary


Type 1434
Field Bus Without (3-wire version)
Accessory Accessory
Action Single acting, "air exhaust" Single acting, "stayput"
Set Value (Analogue Input) 0-10 V set value input 0-20 mA set value input 4-20 mA set value input
Material Aluminium base, PP cover Stainless steel base, PP cover
Pneumatic Connection Air supply / outgoing air via M5 connection thread Air supply / outgoing air via push-in connector angle, 4 mm Air supply / outgoing air via push-in connector angle, 6 mm
Option 0-10 V actual value output 0-20 mA actual value output 4-20 mA actual value output Without
Flow Rate 15 lpm
Travel Sensor Potentiometer external, M12 connector Potentiometer, 10 mm length Potentiometer, 30 mm length
Protection Class to EN 60529 IP 65
Weight 220 g
Mounting Position Optional
Speical Feature Fail safe function in case of compressed air or power supply failure.
Dependent on the positioner version the air supply line of the process valve is vented ("air exhaust" version) or closed ("stayput version") in case of power or air supply failure.


Immunity to Interference EN 61000-6-2
Emission of Interference EN 61000-6-4 (class B)

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature 0 to +60 ºC
Storage Temperature -10 to +60 ºC
Air Supply 1 to 10 bar at 40°C 1 to 8 bar at 60°C
Control Medium Air or inert gases to ISO 8573-1, class 3,3,3
Air Consumption (when Idle) 0 lpm
Air Output 15 lpm


Housing Cover Polypropylene (UV-stabilized)
Housing Base Anodized aluminium or stainless steel

Parts Required for Direct Mounting

N/A GEMU 1434...010/030 (positioner)
GEMU 1434S01Z...(travel sensor mounting kit)
GEMU 1440...(air connectors)
GEMU 1219...(connector socket)

Parts Required for External Mounting

N/A GEMU 1434...S01 (positioner)
GEMU 4222S01Z...(travel sensor mounting kit)
GEMU 4232000Z...4001 (travel sensor)
GEMU 1440...(air connectors)
GEMU 1434000ZMP (mounting bracket)
GEMU 1219...(connector socket)