The GEMU 1436 cPos is a digital electropneumatic positioner with an optional integrated process controller for the control of liquids, gases and steam in conjunction with pneumatically operated process valves. The positioner exactly adjusts the stroke of the process valve. When using the optional process controller the signals from a process sensor (e.g. flow, level, pressure, temperature) are detected and the media adjusted according to the specified set value. A membrane keypad and backlit display are on the front of the housing whilst pneumatic and electrical connections are on the rear. Integrated pneumatic throttles enable the control air to be regulated in a way that the positioner can be set to suit different valve actuators and operating times.

  • For use with single and double acting linear and quarter turn actuators
  • Multi point calibration for optimum valve adaptation
  • Process and position controller are synchronized with each other
  • Parameterisation during operation
  • Optimized initialisation and valve control (speedAP function)
  • Choice of direct mounting to process valve or remote mounting

  • Digital inputs (option) for variable function control for automation
  • Field bus interfaces e.g. Profibus DP, DeviceNet (option)
  • No air consumption when idle
  • Simple mounting to various valve actuators
  • Access rights via different user levels
  • Integrated webserver
  • Simple commissioning and versatile operating facilities-fascia buttons-PC connection with Internet browser MS® Internet explorer
  • e.sycom interface for connecting a bluetooth module or industrial
  • modem to enable access via PDA or PC


Field Bus DeviceNet Profibus-DP Without Field Bus
Action Double Acting Single Acting
Device Version Position + Process Controller Position Controller
Options 2 additional digital inputs 24 V DC Without Options
Flow Rate 100 lpm180 lpm
Travel Length1 For external potentiometer, M12 connector, 5-pin Potentiometer, 30 mm length Potentiometer, 50 mm length Potentiometer, 75 mm length Rotary potentiometer, 90°
Protection Class to EN 60529 IP 65
Weight 600 g
Mounting Position Optional
Speical Feature Safety function during air or power supply failure


EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
Emission of Interference EN 50081-1
Immunity to Interference EN 61000-6-2

Electrical Data

Power Supply Uv = 24 V DC ± 10%
Power Consumption ltyp = 100 mA (at 24 V DC) (for 100 lpm flow rate) ltyp = 140 mA (at 24 V DC) (for 180 lpm flow rate)
Set Value (Analogue Input) 0/4 - 20 mA (selectable)
Actual Value, External (Analogue Input) 0/4 - 20 mA (selectable) (For Position + Process Controller device version)
External Travel Sensor (Analogue Input) RG 1 - 10kΩ (For external potentiometer, M12 connector, 5-pin)
Function (Digital Input) Selectable (ON, OFF, safety position, loading of parameter set)
Integrated Digital Input2 2 inputs (use of analogue inputs1)
Digital Input Voltage Urated = 24 V DC
Level "logical 1" (Digital Input) 14 V DC ≤ UH ≤ 28 V DC
Level "logical 0" (Digital Input) 0 V DC ≤ UL ≤ 8 V DC
Digital Input Current ltyp = 18 mA (at 24 V DC)
Optional Digital Input 2 inputs
Optional Digital Voltage Urated = 24 V DC
Optional Level "logical 1" 14 V DC ≤ UH ≤ 28 V DC
Optional Level "logical 0" 0 V DC ≤ UL ≤ 8 V DC
Optional Digital Input Current ltyp = 2.5 mA (at 24 V DC)
Actual Value Position Feedback (Analogue Output) 4 - 20 mA
Number (Digital Output) 2 relay outputs
Digital Output Switching Voltage = UV
Digital Output Switching Current ≤0.5 A
Function (Digital Outputs) Selectable (position, set values, actual value)
Voltage + Input/Output Signals 3 x M12 plug, 5-pin (See connection kit)
Travel Sensor Connection 1 x M12 socket, 5-pin (For external potentiometer)

Travel Sensor

Stroke (Linear design) 0-30 mm0-50 mm0-75 mm
Resistance R (Linear design) 3 / 5 / 5 kΩ
Min. Stroke (Linear design) ≤ 8 % of the travel length
Angle of Rotation (Quarter turn design) 0-93 º
Resistance R (Quarter turn design) 3 kΩ

Controller Information

Positioner Deviation ≥ 0.1% (adjustable)
Positioner PD Parameters Adjustable
Positioner Initialisation Adjustable or Manual
Type of Process Controller Continuous Controller
Process Controller PID Parameters Adjustable
Parameterization at the device: menu selection context sensitive or help texts at the PC: Internet Browser MSIE
Text Display 2-line display with 16 digits each background light
LED Profibus status (only with Profibus-DP option)
Buttons 4 fascia membrane protected buttons
PC Interface RS 232 with PPP protocol for Internet Browser MSIE
Field Bus Profibus DP V1 Profibus Interface - certified

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature 0 to +60 ºC
Storage Temperature 0 to +60 ºC
Control Medium Quality classes to DIN ISO 8573-1
Dust Content Class 3
(max. particle size 5 µm)
(max. particle density 5 mg/m3)
Pressure Dew Point Class 4
(max. pressure dew point 3°C)
Oil Concentration Class 5
(max. oil concentration 25 mg/m3)
Air Supply 1.5 to 7 bar
Air Consumption (when Idle) 0 lpm
Air Output 100 lpm180 lpm

Main Functions


  • Positioner + process controller combined and synchronized with each other
  • Automatic or manual optimizing initialisation
  • Multiple point calibration for optimized valve control
  • Diagnosis, alarm messages
  • Operation possible when controller is active
  • 3 parameter sets can be saved and reloaded
  • 3 user levels (access authorization)
  • Operating hours counter, event list (for details see operating instructions)
  • Digital inputs (option) for variable function control for automation


Housing Cover PSU
Housing Base PP 30
  • 1 The required travel length depends on the max. stroke of the process valve and must be selected accordingly.
  • 2 Analogue inputs can be used as digital inputs by external wiring with a resistor according to the operating instructions and software function.