The GEMU 411 manually operated 2/2 way butterfly valve has an ergonomically designed corrosion-resistant handwheel with integrated locking device.

  • Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media
  • Insensitive to viscous media
  • Various seal materials available to suit the working medium
  • Low weight
  • Optional accessories
    • Stroke limiter
    • GEMU 1225 electrical position indicator with 2 potential-free adjustable limit switches (additional module, can be retrofitted)


Type 411
Nominal Size 15 mm20 mm25 mm32 mm40 mm50 mm
Body Configuration 2/2-Way
Connection Butt Weld Spigots ASME BPE Threaded Sockets DIN ISO 228
Valve Body Material 1.4581 (Butterfly disc st. steel), St. steel investment casting MS (Butterfly disc brass), Brass
Seal Material EPDM FPM PSI, Silicone rubber
Control Function Manually Operated

Working Medium

Working Medium Inert, corrosive gaseous and liquid media which have no negative impact on the physical and chemical properties of the body, disc and seal material.
Max. Perm. Pressure of Working Medium 10 bar
Max. Perm. Temperature of Working Medium 100 ºC