Mounting kit 4232 S01 Z... (plastic spindle, spring, threaded adapter, if applicable) for travel sensor 4232 dependent on valve type.
Please order separately with specification of valve type, DN and control function. Please order air connections 1440 (fittings for 6 mm tube) if required (double acting = 2x)


Type 4232
Field Bus Without
Accessory Accessory
Housing Material Aluminium, black anodized PP coated PVDF coated (suitable for High Purity)
Travel Potentiometer, 30 mm length Potentiometer, 50 mm length Potentiometer, 75 mm length
Cable Length 2 m5 m
Cable Connection1 M12 cable plug, straight, 5-pin, plastic Open wires with multicore cable ends
  • 1 M12 cable plug, straight, 5-pin, plastic required for positioner version with M12 5-pin electrical connections